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Course Objectives

The purpose of our 17-Week PMP® Prep Course is to provide an extensive review of the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition. This course includes a wide variety of learning activities, tools and study aids, all using relevant PMBOK® Guide terminology.

Why seventeen weeks?

  • Fits the busy professional,
  • No course pre-work,
  • Access to course study group, and
  • Monitor your course performance.

The course is designed as if you were performing a project. Our classes and learning modules are built around the five project management processes – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

The key to successfully completing the 17-Week PMP® Prep Course is preparation, commitment, and follow-through. You will be led through an extensive review of the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition, focused on:

  • Reviewing the concepts and terminology of project management processes
  • Providing an explanation of tools & techniques described in the PMBOK® Guide
  • Helping you apply this knowledge to your projects in the real world
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses to provide you confidence to successfully pass the PMP® Exam

Course Schedule

All sessions will be recorded for later viewing

TPM 0.0 Project Framework
TueJul 76:00pm – 8:00pm EDTPMP® Course Overview
ThuJul 96:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 0.0 Content Review
SatJul 1110:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 0.0 Study Group *
TPM 1.0 Project Initiation
TueJul 146:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 0.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuJul 166:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 1.0 Content Review
SatJul 1810:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 1.0 Study Group *
TPM 2.0 Project Preparation
TueJul 216:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 1.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuJul 236:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 2.0 Content Review
SatJul 2510:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 2.0 Study Group *
TPM 3.0 Project Scope
TueJul 286:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 2.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuJul 306:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 3.0 Content Review
SatAug 110:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 3.0 Study Group *
TPM 4.0 Project Risk
TueAug 46:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 3.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuAug 66:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 4.0 Content Review
SatAug 810:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 4.0 Study Group *
TPM 5.0 Project Schedule
TueAug 116:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 4.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuAug 136:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 5.0 Content Review
SatAug 1510:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 5.0 Study Group *
TPM 6.0 Project Procurement
TueAug 186:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 5.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuAug 206:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 6.0 Content Review
SatAug 2210:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 6.0 Study Group *
TPM 7.0 Project Cost
TueAug 256:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 6.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuAug 276:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 7.0 Content Review
SatAug 2910:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 7.0 Study Group *
TPM 8.0 Project Team
TueSep 16:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 7.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuSep 36:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 8.0 Content Review
SatSep 510:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 8.0 Study Group *
TPM 9.0 Project Execution
TueSep 86:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 8.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuSep 106:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 9.0 Content Review
SatSep 1210:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 9.0 Study Group *
TPM 10.0 Project Stakeholders
TueSep 156:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 9.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuSep 176:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 10.0 Content Review
SatSep 1910:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 10.0 Study Group *
TPM 11.0 Project Work
TueSep 226:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 10.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuSep 246:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 11.0 Content Review
SatSep 2610:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 11.0 Study Group *
TPM 12.0 Project Performance
TueSep 296:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 11.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuOct 16:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 12.0 Content Review
SatOct 310:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 12.0 Study Group *
TPM 13.0 Project Communications
TueOct 66:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 12.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuOct 86:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 13.0 Content Review
SatOct 1010:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 13.0 Study Group *
TPM 14.0 Project Change
TueOct 136:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 13.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuOct 156:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 14.0 Content Review
SatOct 1710:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 14.0 Study Group *
TPM 15.0 Project Closeout
TueOct 206:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 14.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuOct 226:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 15.0 Content Review
SatOct 2410:00am – 12:00pm EDTTPM 15.0 Study Group *
Course Review
TueOct 276:00pm – 8:00pm EDTTPM 15.0 Exam & Quiz Review
ThuOct 296:00pm – 8:00pm EDTCourse Summary Review

Course Materials

  • ECI PMP® Prep Manual (digital version)
  • ECI PMP® Exams & Quizzes
  • ECI PMP® Course Summary Report
  • ECI PMP® Flash Cards & Memory Manager
  • ECI PMP® Class Exercises & Handouts

PMP® Exam & Quiz Review

A weekly PMP® Exam & Quiz Review will be held on Tuesdays to review and answer your questions regarding the past week’s exam and quizzes.

* PMP® Study Group (Attendance Optional)

Included in the course, a weekly PMP® Study Group will be held on Saturdays to answer questions regarding the course content (a $795 value). The purpose of the informal study group is to provide an opportunity to ask questions about the course content and how it applies in the “real world.” Not only will this Q & A session help you become a better project management practitioner, but has extensive benefits in relating the course material to the exam questions.

ECI PMP® Course Summary Report

The ECI PMP® Course Summary Report is designed to reflect how you will be scored on the PMP® Exam. The ECI exam questions are written using a variety of attributes that provide a comprehensive, individual report that identifies your areas of strong understanding, as well as those that may require additional study. Thus, providing you the confidence in knowing that you are ready to successfully pass the PMP® Exam on your first attempt.

PMP® Certification Exam Application

Once you have registered, you will receive a MS Excel workbook to help you document your project management work experience. In addition, you will receive access to recorded videos and coaching to help you prepare your PMP® Certification Exam Application.

Student Commitment

Preparing for the PMP® Exam is not an easy task. For the 17-Week PMP® Prep Course, participants should expect to spend 4-8 hours each week studying the content, viewing online videos, and completing practice exams for the next week’s class. With your committed effort, this course will enable you to achieve your goal of passing the PMP® Exam.

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About the Instructor

Dr. Stephen Burgan, PMP® has worked in various capacities throughout his career. His career began as a journeyman ironworker building skyscrapers. Read more…

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