“That perceptible change in air pressure you felt this morning was my heaving a giant sigh of relief when I passed the PMP® Exam! Many thanks to Steve and Diana for the great prep class you conducted.  I can’t even imagine taking the exam without the benefit of your tips and insight.”


“Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam on Tuesday. What a relief! As per your prediction at the final class, and after studying for another week, I was just a few points above my class scores. Never could have/would have done it without your expert guidance and support! Thanks again for the great preparation!”


“An excellent job by both Steve and Diana! This has been one of the most worthwhile and productive seminars I have ever taken. Thank you for a job very well done!”


“Many, many things about this class I enjoyed! Mostly, both instructors and their excellent delivery of the class material, their professionalism, and their combined value to the past experiences created a topnotch educational/training experience. Kudos to both of them!”


“This class has been better than most graduate‐level classes I had and those classes were good. Steve and Diana provide a great team, extra resources, and an energetic pace.”


“Everything! The instructors, their teaching techniques, their individual personal styles (I can see why they are happily married for over thirty years!), the structure of the class, the audio/visual technology, and the motivational emails all keep me going!”


“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I took my PMP® exam and passed with 74.6%. Your Course Summary Report estimated I would score 74.8% ‐ that is amazing. Thanks for providing such an outstanding course – I don’t know that I would have been successful without it.”


“This was an excellent class that I would highly recommend to anyone studying for the PMP® Exam. This class gave me the confidence and tools to get me ready on my own.”


“You have been absolutely wonderful instructor! You have been an extremely great resource and your knowledge and excitement was evident with each session. The real-life situations and examples shared in class made the words come alive for me, securing many of the concepts within my own understanding. It would have been a struggle without your guidance.”


“Thanks for a great class! Not only did it prepare me well for the exam, but I also learned a great deal of useful knowledge that I can apply in the real world. Your approach to the PMBOK was very helpful. I will recommend your class to others.”


“Tell your students, straight from the mouth of a fresh test taker, Your prep course works! Your preparations put me exactly on the track I needed to be on. Thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without your course, your feedback, and the great tools that you gave to me during the course!”


“The two of you have been absolutely wonderful instructors! I really appreciate the time and effort you pour into not just teaching, but guiding your students as well. Thanks, again!”


“Thank you so much for your course. Your course hit the target with the content and your unique approach for teaching the class. I successfully passed my PMP® exam and I am extremely grateful for all the assistance received from your prep class. I learned a lot on the manner of preparation for the exam and the classes and handouts were excellent help in the matter.”


“Thanks for a great class! Not only did it prepare me well for the exam, but I also learned a great deal of useful knowledge that I can apply in the real world.”


“Your Course Summary Report was effective in helping understand what I knew and didn’t know. Your handouts were great! They were helpful resource for really understanding the concepts. Keep giving them the ‘good stuff’.”


“Appreciated your ‘real world’ experiences as it relates to the PM concepts, I learned more from those examples than the text.”


“I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts in teaching the class. Your class was the first formal PMP® preparation class I attended. I felt I learned more from your teaching methods, the approach of the subject and the classroom environment that you created.”


“I liked the entire course. I was able to come to class and listen to the tips, tricks, and strategies you both have to offer. You both do an excellent job of handing off portions of the class to each other. Your depth of knowledge is amazing! I enjoyed every class!”


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